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There you have it. Proof that we don’t just spend all our time sleeping in our new condo multi-platform. Admittedly, the top tower plush bed and plush sleeping den are supurrb, but I ‘m the kind of cat that likes to get my blood pumping. And that’s why this multi-platform is so clawsome.

It’s got multiple levels for me to climb, strong sisal scratching posts and it’s built super solid so that er… larger cats like me can’t knock it over. No Garfield jokes, please.


Strong and tall, so ideal for large cat breeds or multiple cats
Top tower plush bed
Rotating outer platforms
Plush sleeping den
Removable cushion for easy cleaning
Sturdy frame built to last and handle tough play
Strong sisal rope naturally stands up to sharp claws
Height: 164cm
Depth: 50cm
Width: 70cm

Solid MDF inner
Furniture grade plush fabric
High quality, tough-wearing sisal
Please note: These dimensions are the base only, and do not include any overhanging parts (hammock, platform, etc), so please allow some extra room for these when measuring your space.

This product is a quality item and is heavy, weighing approx 36kg.