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Talon ABM is super absorbent:
The product is manufactured from 100% all-natural Northwest White Pine wood and has approximately 4% starting moisture content. Compared to regular wood shavings, it will absorb more moisture and greatly suppress ammonia. It requires no additives, is bio-degradable, and reduces the problem of waste bedding material.
Talon ABM is safe for all animals:
Equines, iguanas, rodents, cats, dogs, cattle, llamas, sheep, goats and birds have used the Talon ABM with positive results in each situation.
Talon ABM is good for the environment:
Talon ABM is a by-product, which means no trees have been cut down during the manufacturing process. The bedding breaks down very quickly and is compostable. When the product is removed from the stalls it can be placed right on fields.