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The Trouble & Trix Odour Neutralising Anti-Bacterial Crystal Litter triple action formula is a silica sand litter with a natural anti-bacterial agent which inhibits bacterial growth and helps to reduce odour. This antibacterial agent kills 98.7% of bacteria on contact, and continues to inhibit growth thereafter. The moisture lock technology has one of the highest absorbency of any litter and rapidly traps liquid so it can’t escape. The crystals change to a solid colour, making it easy to tell when it’s time to change the litter.
•Kills 98.7% of bacteria on contact and continues to prevent growth
•Rapidly traps liquid and odour
•The highest absorbency, for long lasting odour control
•Crystals change to a solid yellow colour upon contact with urine, indicating the litter that needs changing
•Lasts one month longer than standard paper litter