Animals In Store

At Head To Tail Pets, we keep a range of live animals in store. Please have a look at what we stock and for any availability questions of queries, please head instore or call 9841-7911. 
Guinea Pigs make a great first pet as they are reasonably easy to care for and generally enjoy being touched and cuddled when handled calmly and carefully. We have a wide variety of different breeds that come into store these include:
* Texel (Curly fur, generally short)
* Abyssinian (generally have spiky fur, toughs of fur going in all directions)
* Standard (Your typical guinea pig, often straight fur ranging in different lengths)
* Standard X (Normally crossed with Abyssinian, mixture of straight and spiky fur)
* Peruvian (Straight long fur sometimes wavy)


Rabbits are very similar to Guinea pigs in the way that you care for them. Rabbits prefer to be in a cage where they can stretch their legs and run. When handled calmly and carefully they make a beautiful pet for anyone of any age. We have a wide variety of breeds that come into store these include:

*Angora (varies in coat texture depending on the type of Angora, coat length can range from medium to long)

 * Flemish Giant (Reasonably coarse fur, short to medium length coat)

*Rex (Velvet fur, short length coat)

* Mini Lop (Soft, Short – medium length coat)

* Dwarf Lop (soft, short – medium length coat)

* Standard (Typical rabbit, soft fur, short to medium length coat)

* Standard X (Standard rabbit crossed with another breed, coat length and texture differs)


No AV License Required.

Budgies are active and playful birds, so when deciding on a cage for one you should consider that it needs room for toys, flying and sleeping. It is also a great idea to put some perches in the cage so the budgie can fly/ climb around on them. A good variation of sizes is recommended as this keeps their feet healthier. Their diet should consist of a variety of foods, this is because they are naturally foragers. It should consist of budgie seed, fruit and vegetables. Cuttlefish is also an important part of a budgies diet as it provides a source of calcium. They should always have clean, fresh drinking water and will also enjoy a bird bath. Similar to the regular Budgies are Show Budgies. They have similar living conditions and diet, the main difference is their size. They are larger.


No AV License Required.

Canaries are lovely small birds, they come in a variety of bright colours and have a cheerful nature evident when they sing/ whistle. If you plan to keep only one or two canaries a medium size cage is sufficient, however if you plan on having a lot an aviary is probably your best option. One of the most important things to remember is that longer cages are better than taller cages because most birds, such as canaries, fly horizontally rather than vertically. Their diet should consist of canary seed, rape seed and various other seeds in smaller quantities for both nutritional value and variation in their diet. All of this should be supplied in a good quality canary seed mix. They will also benefit from treats such as millet spray, shell grit, cuttlefish, fruit and vegetables. If you have a  canary such as a red factor there are foods which will naturally enhance their colour. Fresh water supply is a must for drinking, and a place for them to have a bath in is recommended ad they love having a splash and it keeps them cleaner.


Weiro’s are small to medium size parrots, slightly larger than a budgie. They are active &  intelligent so will require stimulation from you and toys in their cage. Their diet should consist of a variety of foods, this is because they are naturally foragers. It should consist of small parrot seed or pellets, fruit and vegetables. Cuttlefish and iodine/ calcium bells are a great addition to their diet as they are great sources of calcium and other minerals & they help keep their beak trimmed and healthy.


Finches like the company of their own species, thus they are best kept in pairs or groups depending on how much room you have to keep them. They enjoy flying around but also hopping from branch to branch- so there cage should include a few good perches or branches so they can do this. Their diet should consist of a good quality finch mix along with fruit and vegetables. Cuttlefish is also beneficial. Being playful birds toys are required to keep your birds both mentally and physically stimulated. Fresh water is necessary for drinking a bird bath is a good idea for their preening.



Hermit Crabs make the perfect first pet for a younger child. Whilst being very easy to look after they are also very interactive and entertaining. You could watch them for hours as they scurry across the sand, climb ornaments or go for a paddle in their salt bath. Hermit crabs make a great pet for those who have a small backyard or live in a small unit/apartment as they don’t take up a lot of space.

We have a range of hermit crabs available in store, in different shapes and sizes. The hermit crab you choose will depend on the size of your enclosure and how brave you feel! We recommend starting with a few small hermit crabs so you become used to handling them and can watch them grow.



Did you know we recently added stick insects to the pets we have available instore?
Stick insects make the perfect pets for both children and adults alike. They are low maintenance, interactive and an amazing tool to teach children life cycles in animals! 
They dont need any special heating or lighting, just an enclosure with plenty of fresh leaves and a daily spritz of water will keep them happy!