Our Team


Mark and Sheryl Muscat took over ownership of Head To Tail Pets in December 2001 from Mark’s parents, who had owned it for 12 years. It was formally known as Budget Pet Shop and after a move in 2012 to bigger premises, the name was changed to Head To Tail Pets. Mark and Sheryl have 2 children. A daughter named Ebony, who now lives in Perth and a son named Jay who passed away in December 2014.
After Jay passed away Mark set up his own business called King George Sound Safari. A scenic boat tour of Albany where he is kept very busy. In Mark’s spare time he loves fishing and Sheryl is a keen netballer.
Mark and Sheryl are also the proud owners of a beautiful Maltese x Shihtzu, Ella.




Maria Reynolds - Store Manager

Maria started working in April 2012 and generally works weekends. Maria and her husband own 66 acres and have a large menagerie of animals. Some of their animals are dogs, poultry, ornamental birds, a horse and cattle. Maria has studied Animal Husbandry, lived on farms and kept numerous animals and bred birds for more than 20 years so she has a lot of hands on experience. Animals are a family passion and they have rescued many animals over the years, all of whom have lived out their lives with Maria and her family.

Ally McGarva - Accounts & Ordering

Ally has been working as part of our team for about 16 years (it’s been so long we’ve all lost track…). Before working here she was a vet nurse, which comes in pretty handy. Ally, Lance and her daughter Mia own two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels- Ginny and Molly. They also have lots of fish, lambs, chickens, guinea pigs and a budgie. She loves the beach and her animals.


Dannielle Hill - Marketing Coordinator

Danni joined the Head To Tail Pets team in 2018. Danni deals with all aspects of marketing and social media within the store. Danni was previously a vet nurse for many years, before leaving the profession to have her children. When Danni is not at work, she’s busy at home with her husband and family, and her menagerie of animals including: a Border Collie named Dash, an Aussie Bulldog named Ruckus, a rambunctious kitten named Kyle, a Southwest Carpet Python named Mona, a Bearded Dragon named ZZ AND 2 Muscovy ducks named Plum & Peking.



Maddy House

Meet one of our crazy cat ladies! Maddy originally started with our team many years ago as our cleaner, but as time went on and we discovered her passion for animals, Maddy was moved onto the shop floor and is still employed as one of our valuable team member. Maddy was born and raised in Albany and is the proud mum of two young children and multiple fur-children. At home, Maddy has a Staffy x named Shiva, 3 beautiful cats named Gizmo, Blossom and Gingy and very shortly Maddy will be the proud owner of her very own ferret!
Maddy is very involved with the local animal welfare organisations and helps whenever she can to find the stray pets of Albany a new home.

Brendan Teale

Brendan has been working in the pet industry for the past 2+ years, but has been working in a managerial role for over 8 years.Brendan is an avid gardener! When he is not here with us at the store, he is busy in his garden at home and attending to his MANY indoor plants.Brendan also has a mini zoo at home! (We think he is definitely working in the right place  )At home he has many, many fish (…and has very recently started his own marine tank!), two dogs named Abby and Chloe and two cats named Boofa and Saffi! We guarantee this is not the end of Brendan’s zoo though. We expect that he will have a menagerie of stick insects, hermit crabs and rabbits in the not too distant future!

Jayke Drummond

Jayke joined our team in November 2017. He was born and raised in Albany and is a proud Dad of many animals including 3 dogs, 1 cat, hundreds of birds (parrots, cockatoos), ducks, chickens, sheep, fish and even two emus (Bushchook and Rustle). Jayke is in charge of maintaining our cold water, tropical and salt water tanks. Jayke loves bush walking, fishing, boating and camping.

Zana Leusciatti

Zana first joined our team in 2019 as a Workplace Learning student. We could see the potential in Zana and when she finished school, she permanently became a part of our team. Zana LOVES cats, Disney, Studio Ghibli films and sushi! Zana loves to sew and would love to become a dressmake one day! 

Portia Walker

Portia joined our team in 2020. Portia has a beautiful 1 year old Golden Retriever named Apollo who is her very best buddy. She enjoys paddle boarding and heading to the beach (although she admits that it is Apollo that drags her there most days!).

Kim Frater

Kim joined our wonderful team in November 2016. He has lived in Albany for over 20 years and has no plans to leave anytime soon. Kim loves working with animals as a result he now cares for the birds at Head To Tail Pets and makes sure they are happy and healthy. Kim owns over 15 birds including quails and is a proud owner of his cat Milly. He loves riding his bike to and from work as well as enjoying outdoor activities and spending time with his family.




Hannah Robins - Grooming Manager

Hannah joined the Head to Tail Pets team in 2016. She is full of knowledge and enjoys sharing it with people. Hannah is a proud mum of many different animals these include, English Mastiffs, 1 Love bird, loads of Chickens, 1 Lamb and a Mini Horse. Hannah spends her time off with all of her animals and her family.



Caitlin Swann - Qualified Groomer

Caitlin started with our team in March 2020, as our grooming assistant. It was clear to see from an early stage that Caitlin was passionate and destined to be a qualified groomer. Caitlin spent 3 weeks up in Perth doing her grooming course, and came back to us a qualified groomer! 
Caitlin now works under the direction of Hannah, and does and incredible job! 
When Caitlin is not at work, she loves taking her three beautiful dogs to the beach. Caitlin is ALWAYS up for a chat, so make sure you pop your head into our grooming room to say hi next time you're in! 

Ashlie Haigh - Grooming Assistant

Ashlie is our most recent grooming recruit, having started with us in June 2020. Ashlie enjoys photography, going on adventures to new places and cuddles with her many animals! 
At home, Ashlie has a lovebird named Lemmy, a budgie named Suki, a Tortoiseshell cat named Tiggy and a deaf Blue Heeler named Shep. 

In Memory of Angie Douglas

Angie started working at Head to Tail Pets in November 2011 after working here for work place learning. She loved working with small animals, fish in particular, and had some of her own. Though she passed away in April 2015 she will forever be a part of our team.