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The Blue Planet Aquarium Betta Plus Tank LED 8L is a premium tank designed to provide Betta fish with everything they need. This reliable aquarium package includes an 8 litre capacity tank complete with hood lid, a fully pressurised 3-stage filter to help maintain and clean water, and a built-in air pump to help you provide your pet fish with a safe, clean, and habitable environment to enjoy. The key features of the Blue Planet Aquarium Betta Plus Tank LED 8L are:
High-quality aquarium suitable for goldfish and tropical fish.
Includes 8 litre tank, lid, filtration system, water pump, and LED lighting system.
Suitable for Betta fish.
3-stage filtration helps to keep water clear and eliminate harmful bacteria and build-up from food, algae, and other chemicals.
Filter media includes wool, activated carbon, and bio-balls.
Includes Zeolite in filter cartridge to help eliminate and prevent a harmful build-up of ammonia.
Rimless hood lid allows easy access to the tank for stress-free cleaning and reduces salt stains forming around lid edges.
5-watt heater included.
Provides aquatic life with a comfortable and perfectly balanced environment in which to thrive.
3 LED lights complete with colour change option and USB adapter to help stimulate natural plant and coral growth.
Low consumption wattage minimises running costs and helps the environment.
Can be set to silent mode to reduce noise from filtration and pump systems.
Can provide up to 2 years-worth of power running at 24 hours a day.
Water capacity of 8 litres.
Dimensions: 29cm L x 15.5cm W x 28.5cm H.