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Filta-Bac is a bit like a magic ointment. It’s a cross between an antibacterial cream, healing cream and sunblock, and can be used on dogs, horses, cattle, sheep and goats. Like any magic ointment, its applications are many and varied – from protecting sensitive or damaged skin to providing anti-bacterial treatment for wounds and skin conditions.

Filta-Bac’s protective properties act like a second ‘skin’, shielding sensitive areas from sun or acting as a wound dressing (without the dressing). FiltaBac provides a one-way protective barrier: it stops invasion of external contaminants but allows the skin beneath to breathe.

Carry this one in your bag of tricks and you’ll make a name for yourself as the wizard of wounds (which is a great title).

Product details

Antibacterial cream, antiseptic cream and sunblock rolled into one
for use on dogs, horses, cattle and goats
creates a second ‘skin’ – a protective barrier against contamination and sun
shields wounds, sensitive skin, damaged skin, sunburn
allows skin to breathe
promotes moist wound healing.