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A must-have for every home with a cat

Kit Cat Litter Trapping Mat is a must have for every cat litter box, especially if you use paper, silica or clay litter.

Not only does it protect your floor from litter spills and reduce litter tracking, Kit Cat Litter Trapping Mat is also durable and easy to clean. It is not uncommon for cats to get litter stuck in between their paw digits; this can be uncomfortable and even painful for them. Your cat will likely lick its paws in an attempt to get the litter out; this might cause your cat to accidentally ingest the litter.

Kit Cat Litter Trapping Mat’s flexible fibers help prevent this by dislodging and trapping cat litter when your cat steps on it after using the litter box. Simply put it in front of any litter box, and voila! Its soft surface makes it comfortable for your cat to step on, and will help you maintain a clean, litter-free area where you won’t have to worry about stepping on a painful piece of litter.