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GOTCHA! Smart ID Matrix collars are the perfect daily companion for you and your doggo. The reflective seams ensure optimal visibility in the dark and the robust material is the ideal for a true outdoor experience. Our collars not only score with their unique design, but also set completely new standards in terms of safety and comfort.

Each of our collars has its own GOTCHA! tag with an individual QR code. In our own free-of-charge GOTCHA! Lost & Found App you can create a profile for your pup and be sure that the finder who scans the tag receives all the information needed to quickly reunite you. In addition, you can see the finders´ GEO location in the app and set off straight away.

All collars are made of a robust polyester side and the soft, quick-drying, supple neoprene in one of 6 bold colors on the back. Due to the choice of materials, the collars are ultra-light and particularly comfortable for your dog to wear. They also have a safety ring that prevents them from escaping while the collar is being put on and taken off. The size is infinitely adjustable thanks to the slide.
With the GOTCHA! Smart ID Matrix collars you are well equipped for your next adventure together.