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Royal Canin Mini Adult is tailor made to suit the unique nutritional needs of your small breed adult dog.

This premium dry dog food is made from highly digestible ingredients to deliver optimally balanced nutrition that keeps your adult small breed dog in peak condition. Royal Canin Mini Adult is enriched with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to support healthy skin and a shiny coat, and also contains nutrients to bind salivary calcium which helps to reduce dental tartar formation for good oral health. With optimal energy levels and the addition of l-carnitine to promote fat metabolism, this formula helps your small breed dog to maintain an ideal body weight. Royal Canin Mini Adult combines a unique kibble shape, size and texture with exclusive flavours to tempt even the fussiest of small breed dogs.

Specifically designed for small breed adult dogs
Enriched with omega 3 & 6 fatty acids for healthy skin and a shiny coat
Helps reduce dental tartar for good oral health
Optimal energy levels and l-carnitine to support a healthy bodyweight
Unique kibble and exclusive flavours to increase palatability
Suitable for adult small breed dogs (weighing up to 10kg) from 10 months to 8 years of age