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Royal Canin Mini Adult Light Weight Care

Royal Canin Mini Adult Light Weight Care is specifically formulated to help limit weight gain in small breed dogs with a predisposition to being overweight.

Recent surveys suggest that as many as 59% of dogs may be overweight or obese, making it one of thee most pressing health issues affecting our canine companions today. Being overweight or obese can predispose your dog to a number of health conditions, including osteoarthritis, skin problems and urinary tract disease, so it is important to take steps to keep your pooch at a healthy weight.

This premium quality dry dog food contains reduced energy and fat levels (11%) to limit calorie intake while maintaining lean muscle mass with higher levels of quality protein (30%). Royal Canin Light Weight Care is fortified with omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil to support joint health and also helps your dog feel fuller for longer with a specific blend of soluble and insoluble fibres.

Premium quality dry dog food designed to limit weight gain
Lower fat (11%) and energy levels reduce calorie intake
Higher levels of protein to support lean muscle mass
Optimal blend of soluble and insoluble fibre to support digestive health and promote feelings of fullness
Omega 3 fatty acids to support joint health and mobility
Suitable for adult dogs up to 10kg who may be predisposed to weight gain
If you suspect your dog is overweight or obese, we recommend talking to your vet about a tailored weight loss plan.