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This premium ZiwiPeak dog food contains 100% natural, fresh raw meat. As a raw-equivalent dry dog food it contains real meat along with a few other key ingredients, vitamins and minerals.

Pasture raised New Zealand beef is the meat of choice. Grass fed beef is known worldwide to be the highest quality beef with advantages like being higher in omegas, containing less fat and more natural vitamins. ZiwiPeak also only uses meat that is fully traceable from approved NZ farms.

Unlike most commercial kibble, this daily diet is air-dried rather than freeze dried or baked. Air drying is a unique process where the ingredients are gently dried to ensure that it is a shelf stable product. Drying ensures that the ingredients stay raw whilst retaining proteins, vitamins, enzymes and sensitive nutrients.
A natural, balanced meat and organ diet providing your dog with everything she needs to be healthy.
ZiwiPeak dry beef dog food is suitable for underweight dogs, growing puppies, dogs with protein specific allergy issues, digestive issues, and renal issues.
Contains New Zealand green lipped mussel which has anti inflammatory benefits and supports general health.
Good wholesome nutrition, easy to prepare

ZiwiPeak pet food is an ideal alternative to a raw diet or BARF diet for dogs. It has the same nutritional benefits however is more convenient to feed.